The guiding philosophy of the Department of Optometry, University of Benin is “Enhancing Professionalism through Excellence in Education and Research” which is based on hard work diligence, innovativeness, fairness, equity and scholarship. The Department seeks to foster intellectual and professional development of each student by providing a strong undergraduate training that emphasizes teaching and research through exposure in Vision Sciences, Ocular Health Sciences, Primary Care Optometry, Environmental and Public Health Sciences, Rehabilitative Optometry, Clinical Optics, Cornea and Contact Lens Care, Orthoptics and Pediatric Optometry.
The Department of Optometry operates a six-year unclassified Doctor of Optometry (O. D) degree programme. The courses offered are designed to expose the student to various specialty areas of Optometry. In the first two years, students in the programme take courses in relevant subjects to broaden their knowledge in basic health sciences. In the three years following, they take courses in major specialty areas of Optometry and receive some exposure in research methods. The last year prepares them for professional practice and postgraduate training.

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