Professor Christopher E. Okaka, Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences, B.Sc. (Lagos), Ph.D (Leeds, UK)

My dear students, I am happy to welcome you to the Faculty of Life Sciences. The Faculty you have just enrolled into is as old as well as a new Faculty. An old Faculty because it was an integral part of the former Faculty of Science, which was the first Faculty in the University of Benin having started with the University in 1970. It is new in the sense that it is one of the two Faculties created out of the Faculty of Science in 2005. The Faculty of Life Sciences as presently constituted is made up of seven NUC accredited Departments of Animal and Environmental Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Optometry, Plant Biology and Biotechnology, Environmental Management and Toxicology and Science Laboratory Technology. Details of these courses are contained in this site. You are advised to make use of the information provided as often as possible to help you to be acquainted with the rules guiding the award of the degrees. There is no doubt that you will come across some initial problems. You are advised to see your Course-Advisers and your Heads of Departments or even the Dean, who are always ready to help you with your problem(s).
The University is a complex and simple environment for you to excel or miss your bearing. In order to excel you must attend ALL your lectures and keep good company. You must shun negative company. There are enough good people around to help you. The University is blessed with recognized worshipping places and you are advised to take advantage of their proximity to commune with God since He is the beginning of all wisdom.
Finally I want to ask you to always remember why you are here and why your parents or sponsor and the nation are expending great resources on your training. Endeavour to work hard and make yourself available for positive training towards the goal of the University which is knowledge for service.
I wish you a very happy stay in this great citadel of learning known nation wide as UNIBEST.

Prof. N.E.J. Orhue, B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD (Benin)
Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences