The time allowed for an examination paper, as indicated in the Time-Table, must be strictly obeyed.
Candidates shall be admitted into an examination up to the first half-hour after the start of the examination on the permission of the chief invigilator. Cases of admittance after the first half hour of the examination shall be reported to the Chief Examination Officer who shall inform the Board of Examiners which shall decide on the cases.
No Candidate may leave the Examination Hall without the express permission of the Chief Invigilator. Candidates wishing to go to the Toilet or to the First-Aid Room must be accompanied by an Invigilator/Attendant.
No Candidate may quit the Examination Hall until 30 minutes has elapsed. A candidate who wants to leave before the end of the examination must drop his/her Question Paper and Scripts before leaving the Hall. No Question Paper shall be removed from the Hall before the first hour of the examination has elapsed.
Any Candidate found to be or is suspected of infringing the provisions of the regulations or in any way cheating shall immediately be given three (3) copies of Examination Misconduct Forms for completion. The original copy with relevant exhibits shall be handed over to the Dean through the Head of Department for further action while the duplicate and triplicate copies shall be retained by the Candidate and Examinations and Records Office, respectively. The Chief Invigilator shall submit the report immediately on the prescribed Examination Misconduct Form to the Faculty Examination Officer and the Dean. The Candidate concerned shall be allowed to continue with the examination provided that he causes no disturbance. The Dean shall cause the circumstances to be investigated and report to the Vice-Chancellor (through the Provost, of the College of Medical Sciences) for a final determination of the case.
The Panel to investigate the alleged misconduct shall be ad hoc, to give the Dean a free hand in selecting members who would be immediately available for the assignment in view of the urgency. The report of the Investigating Panel must reach the Vice-Chancellor not later than two (2) weeks after the conclusion of the Semester Examination. The Vice-Chancellor shall in turn inform the Faculty/School and College of his/her decision on the misconduct within two (2) weeks.
All students involved in irregular assistance or cheatings during examination shall write statements on the spot before being allowed to continue with the examination. Refusal of a student to write a statement on the spot shall be regarded as an examination misconduct.
Instructions to Students

i. Only duly Matriculated/Registered Students are eligible to take examinations.
ii. Candidates must attend punctually at the times assigned for their papers and they must be in the Examination Hall at least (30) minutes before the time that the examination is due to start. Candidates shall not be allowed to enter the Examination Hall until invited by the Invigilator.
iii. A candidate is required to deposit any Handbag, Briefcase, or any other prohibited material at the Chief Invigilator’s Desk (or a desk provided for that purpose) before the start of an examination.
iv. Candidates shall bring with them to the Examination Hall, their own ink, Pens and Pencils and any materials which are permitted by these regulations. Absolutely no book, printed or written document or other communication gadgets or unauthorized aid shall be taken into an Examination Room by a Candidate.
v. A Candidate shall bring his Identity Card to each examination and display it in a prominent position on his desk.
vi. A Candidate shall write his Examination Number, not his name, distinctly at the top of the cover of every Answer Book and every separate sheet or Paper.
vii. Each Candidate shall complete the Attendance Register in triplicate.
viii. During the examination, a Candidate may leave the room temporarily, with the permission of the Invigilator only if accompanied by an Attendant. A Candidate who leaves the Examination Hall shall not be readmitted unless throughout the period of absence he has been continually under supervision of an Invigilator or an Examination Attendant.
ix. A Candidate shall not leave the Examination Hall until the first 30 minutes has elapsed and must be with the special permission of the Chief Invigilator. Such Candidate must drop his/her Question paper and Answer Booklet before leaving.
x. A Candidate must not give assistance to any other Candidate or permit any other Candidate to copy from or use his/her papers. Similarly, a Candidate must not directly or indirectly accept assistance from any other Candidate or use any other Candidate’s papers.
xi. Any Candidate involved in irregular assistance or cheating during examination shall write a statement on the spot before being allowed to continue with the examination. Refusal of a Student to write a statement on the spot shall be regarded as an Examination Misconduct and will be subject to the University disciplinary action.
xii. Silence shall be observed in the Examination Hall. The only permissible way of attracting the attention of an Invigilator is by an Candidate raising his hand.
xiii. Candidates are not allowed to smoke, eat or drink in the Examination Hall.
xiv. The use of Scrap Paper is not permitted. All rough work must be done in the Answer Boo0klets. Even if they contain only rough work, they shall be tied inside the main booklet and crossed out neatly.
xv. Candidates are advised in their own interest to write legibly and to avoid using faint ink. Answers must be written in English except as otherwise instructed.
xvi. On finishing each examination, Students should draw a line through any blank space or page of leach Answer Sheet.
xvii. Before handing in their Scripts at the end of the examination, Candidates musts satisfy themselves that they have inserted the title of the examination, their Matriculation Numbers and the numbers of the question they answered, in the appropriate places.
xviii. At the end of the time allotted, Candidates shall stop writing and stand up when instructed to do so, remain standing and hand in their Scripts to the Invigilator before leaving the Examination Hall. Except for the Question papers and any materials that they brought into the Hall with them, Candidates are not allowed to remove or mutilate any paper of materials supplied by the University.